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Can you provide a single accommodation on the TMB?

Many of the hotels on the TMB don’t like to offer singles and so we tend to run our trips on twin share. Normally we would pair you up with another solo female traveller at no extra cost.

However, we have had some success with single rooms, so can try for you, but it will depend on the availability of rooms. Please note that one hotel – at Les Chapieux on night 8 – will not give singles, so the best we can hope for is a single room for 9 out of the 10 nights.

The extra cost of a single will be between £365 and £440. The difference is based on what rooms we are able to secure: some will be strict singles, others will be double rooms used for single occupancy that are naturally more expensive.

If you would like a single room, please complete our booking form and indicate which date you would like to travel.

What is the average price for dinner on the TMB on the nights it’s not included?

I would allow approximately 25Euros per person for an evening meal. Obviously this can go up significantly if you drink alcohol.

Do all the hotels you use have central heating and hot showers?

Yes they do.

Can you send me a brochure?

We don’t have a brochure, all our information is on our website. This helps keep our costs down and keep the holiday prices competitive.

Can I do any clothes washing on the TMB?

Yes, it is possible in La Palud when you have your rest day (day 7).

Why are American companies more expensive that British?

American companies do seem to offer much higher prices; I can only guess their margins are much higher.

Can we buy the route notes for the TMB?

We are not able to sell the Route Notes to you: they are part of our package.

I have had an artificial knee – is the Amalfi Coast trek suitable for me?

I think there will be no problem at all for you to join our trek in Amalfi: as long as you are confident of your ability, we are happy for you to trek with us. Interestingly, I guided a 73-year old man in the Pamir range of Tajikistan during 1993. He had ‘lost’ both knees in a flying accident in the 2nd World War. He was one of the fittest in the party!

If you find you have had enough, however, you can opt-out of any walks as the trip is centre-based and we return to the hotel each evening.

You may need a doctor’s certificate for your insurance company to confirm you are covered for this type of holiday.

Do we cross any glaciers on the TMB?

That is correct. At no point on the TMB will you cross any glaciers. It is a summer hiking trek.

How much is an extra night at the start of the TMB?

The price is from £104 B&B for a twin room, subject to availability.