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Do you have any dates for the Dolomites trek in the school summer holidays?

Friday, 26th January, 2018

Your dilemma was one of the things we discussed when introducing the new trek. I was a teacher for 8 years and totally understand.

The problem is that all of the hotels – without exception – will only take a minimum of three nights in July and August and they seem to have an almost guaranteed flow of customers. The new trip moves every day and so we had to run it outside high season.

In addition, the cost of transferring the luggage is quite high: we have to use local taxis and the distances between the hotels mean that taxis are €70-130 per transfer which would mean self-guided is prohibitively expensive as there are 5 transfers in total.

Sorry I cannot give you better news, but perhaps our trek – Matterhorn to the Eiger – would be a high summer alternative. We ran two groups this summer and it was a lot of fun with some great (and challenging!) hiking, particularly in the Bernese Oberland.